About the Mission

Donation Process

PURPOSE REAL ESTATE is devoted to Selling Homes and Building Hope™.   We believe its a better way to do real estate, which is why we donate  20% of each transaction to nonprofit missions.  We are committed to social purpose missions and donate 20% of the commission we are paid from every transaction, every time. The amount donated from each transaction is calculated based on the commission amount paid to our agent in each transaction.  


In addition, PURPOSE REAL ESTATE offers its clients the opportunity to choose the recipient of half of the donated amount!   Organizations chosen to receive donated funds must be on the PRE approved nonprofit list* in order to be a recipient of funds generated.  PRE reserves the right to donate its percentage to the same mission organization as the client's choice. to double the impact. If no organization is named by clients, PRE reserves the right to choose a recipient from the PRE approved list.


Selling Homes, Building Hope.™ 

...A better way to do real estate.

PRE Approval Process

Donated funds are sent to nonprofit organizations approved by Purpose Real Estate.  Our nonprofit approval process is based on 1) our ability to verify its 501c3 status,  2) our ability to determine and confirm the legitimacy of its status and good standing with all state and federal governmental authorities, departments, and any of their partnering affiliates and committees, and 3) information from our background check on the leadership and reputation of the organization and its track record.

Want to put PURPOSE in your next real estate transaction?  Call us today!  No additional fees for you, just additional Good in the community!

...It’s a better way to do real estate.